About Olli Ella

Are makers of wares for nomads, homebodies and small folk.
They design timeless products that are unlike any other. Olli Ella pieces bring a smile to faces and are loved through generations for their celebration of play.
They use natural materials, sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production.
They believe that the desire to store, tidy, transport, and explore transcends cultures

Behind the brand

Olli Ella was born in 2009 In London, England. Sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman set out to create a collection of nursery furniture and baby bedding that was playful, iconic, and above all, beautifully made.
Since it’s launch, Olli Ella has garnered a devoted following, with an ever-expanding collection of pieces for childrens’ spaces, including nursing chairs, rugs, nursery furniture, baby bedding, and much more. 
Chloe and Olivia draw inspiration from their children and from their own childhoods. Olli Ella designs are nostalgic at the same time modern, capturing the hearts and admiration of parents, children and design influencers.
Before starting Olli Ella, Chloe and Olivia studied design and art history, and opened a small, quaint art gallery in the heart of London, specialising in 20th century works. Their love of mid-century art translated into this era-inspired furniture design, when they designed and made a nursing chair for Chloe when she was expecting her first baby. This project blossomed and Olli Ella was born, launching the following year with three nursing chairs and a baby bedding collection shortly after.
Storie Stool
Introducing the Play'n Pack Backpack! A bag full of travel fun for little adventurers. The Play'n Pack is a backpack filled with imaginative play for small folk. Whether you are on the road, boat, plane or at your favourite cafe, the Play'n Pack will bring hours and hours of creative fun for your little adventurer.
Pack n Play Olliella

 Introducing the See-Ya suitcase! Olli Ella’s collection of kid-sized luggage. Whether for a weekender or a long haul, the See-Ya suitcase can be wheeled to and from airport gates, stations or around the garden by small folk from two to six years old. Not just for travel, the See-Ya is the perfect place to store treasures and toys, and nothing looks sweeter than one of these trunks in a bedroom or playroom. 

see-ya mint suitcase
Shop The Collection HERE.
August 23, 2018 — Jenny O'Connor

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