Summer is around the corner, however just when we thought the sun was here to stay we are back to the lovely northern rain. So to keep our spirits up we have decided to embrace textures and botanicals and bring them indoors. We absolutely love this look and feel it works well all the year round. What is more it can be used in virtually any room. Botanical prints on cushions and throws can be introduced to add colour. Traditional house plants can be given a new lease of life by standing them in glazed printed pot or largers plants in natural seagrass baskets.
Soften the look and add textures with the clever use of rugs and throws. The combination of a shaggy rug, natural woods, woven baskets and green foliage creates a cosy outdoor feel for the indoors.
The versatility of rugs, means you could buy one and simply move it round your house to change the look and feel of each room. Rugs are a great addition to large lounges in order to create a more intimate atmosphere. Rugs make a great alternative in the bathroom to the traditional bath mat, underneath the dining table brings a more luxurious.
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May 18, 2017 — BOLD APPS

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