For many people, this summer is set to be the most sustainable yet. As people have been made more aware of the impact their lifestyles are having on the environment, and as corporations make way to change the habits of their customers too, this summer is going to be all about sustainability and the importance of making #SustainableSwaps.
Here are three items which every family home should have this summer to start on their sustainable journey.


Bamboo Travel Mug

Everyone should have their own travel mug by now, and this one is the perfect one for anyone who likes a pop of colour in their lives. This bamboo travel mug is not only really cool, but it’s also super practical, and great for those rushed mornings when you run out of time to drink your coffee before you run out of the door. This mug is made from bamboo, so a much more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and it fits in most standard in-car cup holders. To make things better, did you know that reusable mugs can save you money? In Pret a Manger, you can get 50p discount off the price of a hot drink for bringing your own reusable cup, so can you really afford not to get involved?! This Bamboo Travel Mug is just £9 and makes a perfect gift for that person who has everything too. The mug itself is dishwasher safe, and the rubber lid should be washed separately in warm, soapy water.
Bamboo Travel Mug
This mega cool French style string shopping bag is perfect for those who always forget their reusable bag. Not only is it a more original and quirky alternative to a simple jute bag, and more eco-friendly than a plastic bag, this French style string shopper wouldn’t look out of place on a Parisian boulevard with a baguette and plait of onions hanging out it. This reusable string bag is a really easy, sustainable swap you can make for your day to day lifestyle this summer. It can be easily rolled up and placed in your bag to use later, or it can be used as your everyday jute bag. It’s a fab bag to use for taking your picnic to the beach in this summer, and will come in super handy for any purchases made at the airport. This string French-style bag is made from 100 per cent cotton, and is even hand washable. This french style string bag is a must-have for anyone choosing to make sustainable swaps this summer, and it only costs £5.50.
String Bag
Part of living a sustainable lifestyle is re-affirming your love for nature, and that means spending more time in the outdoors. Whether it’s having dinner al fresco, or simply spending the time reading a book outside rather than cooped up indoors watching Netflix, spending time outdoors will give you a better appreciation of the beauty of nature.
Add a unique touch to your outdoor space with this beautiful, striped outdoor rug. With a cool navy and white striped pattern, it’s minimalist and will look good in any decor design scheme, and all for a cool price of £22. Not only is this rug super-durable for the outside conditions, it’s also made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, making it a sustainable swap you can easily make this summer.
 Outdoor RugsOutdoor Stripe Grey Rug

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