In case you hadn’t noticed, the botanical trend has been a huge part of interior decor styling for a while now, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The Love Island villa has this year been decked out with faux plants dotted about outside and inside, and it just gives an extra bit of texture and life to any interior space.

Botanicals, such as ferns, cacti and succulents, are an easy and hassle-free way to bring a little bit of the outdoors, indoors, and also add a little bit of dimension and colour to any interior space. 

But not everyone was born with green fingers, and that’s why these faux botanical plants are a must have for your interior decor. They’re low maintenance, will look great all year round and, best of all, don’t need watering, so if you’re going on holiday this summer, you won’t need to find a plant babysitter. 

Here are the best four ways to style faux plants this summer…

Fern artificial faux botanical


Hanging over the bath 

The bathroom should be a serene place and have an aura of calm. For most people, the bathroom is the only place in the world they (hopefully!) get some privacy and some ‘me time’. There is nothing more zen than lying in a warm bath with a good book and some posh soaps and shampoos, and your bathroom space should reflect that. 

Try hanging the faux hoya linearis hanging plant above the bath to give your space a real ‘grecian goddess’ feel, and give a unique edge to your interior decor. 



On your kitchen island

The kitchen is usually the most hectic space in the home, whether there’s food being cooked, homework being done or last minute cookies being baked for the school fayre tomorrow, the last word you might think of when you say ‘kitchen’ is ‘serene’. A faux plant is a low hassle way to add a little bit of colour and a little bit of calm to your space. This faux fern in soil is a great way to bring an extra dimension and pop of colour to your space, and will look great with both dark and light kitchen colour schemes. 

Artificial faux fern in plant pot the little house shop

Beside your office desk.

When you’re up to the eyeballs with work, that endless pile of emails is mounting up, and your phone is ringing off the hook, your office may look and feel a little dark and dingy. Whilst having a plant in your office is not a novel idea, having a faux one is. Not having to water it is one less thing to think about in your already hectic schedule, and it will bring a little bit of nature to your space, which is probably covered in laptops, tablets and phones. This hanging faux asplenium ball plant hangs easily from the ceiling, meaning it doesn’t take up any room on your desk, and is a unique way to bring an extra element into your interior design layout. 

hanging ball plant fern the little house shop

In your bedroom 

Bedrooms should naturally be places of calm and relaxation, and that’s why your bedroom’s interior decor should be serene and natural, and enable you to have a good night’s sleep. Faux plants are a great (and hypo-allergenic) way to add a little bit of calm to your bedroom interior styling. Try placing the Short Boston Fern Stem in a favourite plant pot on your bedside table to add a little bit of nature to your room, without worrying about soil being dropped on your new carpet. 

boston fern stem artificial faux plants


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