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Emails will be going out today to the lucky few who were quick of the mark to order these fun lightboxes. We have already sold the first batch of A4 but have a small amount of A5 available for immediate shipping. The next batch of A4 will be expected at the end of August so please don't delay and pre-order now.

A5 Letter Light Box £18.

Personalise this super cute lightbox with a favourite quote or message!

It is very decorative and original as a light but it's so much fun to change your messages as often as you like by simply sliding the letters (printed on a thick plastic film) on and off the box. The lightboxes can stand but can also be hung on the wall.

Ideal for the livingroom, kids rooms or even for a special birthday party or wedding: make up your quote or message and slide the letters on…over and over again!

Comes complete with 85 letters and symbols so you can change it as often as you like!


A4 Letter Light Box £30.

If you are feeling creative why not purchase the additional set of symbols and letters which means your light box can be extra unique.


Additional Symbol/Letter Set £8.50.


Courtney thorpe said:

How much is the box that says " home is where the pug fur is?"

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